Our 2nd Pop up Restaurant for 2017

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A venue that is turned into a restaurant, featuring a great chef and culinary team that is normally not at that venue, for a limited period of time

We love “Pop Up” restaurants and over the years we have used many different kinds of venues, including New York City, Brighton and Guernsey. On island ( this one will be on the island : > ) ), we have used boats, boardwalks, gardens, private houses and even the Scuba shop. Normally, we don’t tell you exactly where the location will be until a few days before the dinner.


WELL, NO-ONE GOT THE RIGHT ANSWER!! No No No, It wasn’t the Tennis Club and it wasn’t the Children’s Water Park at Reduit. It was the Halfway House at the GOLF CLUB. Solutions to the clues are in Mondays (1st) E mail. So meet at the Clubhouse Bar at 6pm and then dinner at HH at 6.30pm…Yummy



Pop-Up Evening priced at EC$150 including tax and service

Menu Details:

Heirloom cherry Tomato, Avocado & Mango salad

Caramelized sweet rock Shrimp risotto, Organic Arugula

Parmesan crisp

Eton mess

Please let us know if there are any items that you would like substitute from the menu for allergy reasons

Dress code is comfortable

This is a reservation only event with very limited seating.

Bring your Own Wine

Payment is Cash or Local Check on the Night

Access by reservation ONLY

What we can assure you of on the evening in question, is a different kind of dining experience and a truly delicious dinner. We suggest that you bring your own wine, as we haven’t found a way to physically move the cellar yet and we’ll find some way to make it possible for you to enjoy a beverage/cocktail prior to dinner.

If you would like to book, please use this booking form and not the regular restaurant booking service, OR simply call the resort on 457 8681. Remember for your diary – Friday 5TH MAY 2017.

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