Music for February & March 2017

Rob Zi

Rob provides a wide selection of music from all eras with a vocal and Saxophone combination. Rob has jammed with some top instrumentalists including Kenny G. He’ll set the mood right from the start and as he goes through the set, the general overlay is  music that provides great backing for a wonderful evening.

Feb dates 11th and 25th. March dates 11th and 25th also.


Duet of talented Musicians with a voice that is both beautiful and melodic. The range of music is wide with sounds from many regions, that are soothing and really blend in with the evening, making sure that while you dine you can both chat and listen without the sounds over powering you.

Feb dates 4th and 18th. March dates 4th and 18th also.

Tricky Trio

Fun, vibrant, entertaining and enjoyable, Tricky open up the Managers cocktail party. How do you describe them well – 3 seniors who enjoy music and can imitate any words to music. It’s like Saint Lucia sounds meets the Buena Vista club of Cuba.

Feb dates 7th,13th, 21st, 28th
March dates  7th,14th,21st,28th .

Carl Gustav

Carl is a veteran guitarist with years of experience in America and Saint Lucia, who comes on after the Tricky Trio and adds his trademark ‘Growl’ to the Creole night. It is quite interesting how the electric sounds and the growl of Gustav’s voice go hand in hand with the tastes and flavours of the Creole evening.

Feb dates 7th,13th, 21st, 28th
March dates 7th,14th,21st,28th

Valentine’s DayJab & Julianna 14th Feb
 A match made in heaven our Jazz duo who will get you on your feet to great tunes and harmonious Clarinet riffs, followed by rapturous applause. Jab & Julianna are a great discovery and bring the end of the week to a great climax. 

Jab & Julianna
Will also play every Sunday evening, starting from

5th then the 12th,19th,26th